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Creative Line is committed to giving you custom plans created to fit your lifestyle. All plans are personalized to allow the floor plans and elevations to meet each homeowner's ideals. You can be sure that your home will not only look beautiful, but it will be structurally sound as well.


Ashlie Hull, the head designer at Creative Line, has many years of experience in the design field.  Ashlie was instructed by Dixon Hyde, a Master Carpenter, first as a framer of homes, then as a designer. With this training comes a great advantage in the design of homes with special consideration to the structure as well as the architectural styling.  Ashlie worked for Dixon Hyde Construction from 1995-2005 then opened her own design business, Creative Line, in 2005.

Creative Line


Ashlie Hull

4294 W. 6000 S.

Roy, Utah 84067

Tel: 801-628-7041

Fax: 801-773-9567

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