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Pricing List

Pricing includes 6 copies of the plan and a PDF copy. Additional copies can be purchased for $30.00 per set.

A complete set of plans include: Title Page, Elevations, Floor Plans, Footing and Foundation Plan, Electrical Layout, Cross Section, and Plot Plan. Our fee is separate from and exclusive of the Structural Engineer fee. 

Creative Line retains ownership of drawings, specifications, notes, letters, sketches and data, and other products of service.  Client shall not reuse or make any modifications to any of the products of service without written consent from Creative Line. Client agrees to the fullest extent of permitted law, to indemnify and hold Creative Line harmless from any claim, liability, or cost arising from the unauthorized reuse or modification of these products. 


The Design Process.

Custom Home
  • Main Floor living space $2.00 per square foot.
  • Upper Floor living space $2.00 per square foot.
  • Lower Floor living space Free
  • Garage, Decks and Patios Free

Stock House Plan
  • Main Floor living space $0.75 per square foot
  • Upper Floor living space $0.75 per square foot
  • Lower Floor living space Free
  • Garage, Decks and Patios Free
Up to 10 hours of modification included in pricing. Once 10 hour limit has been reached a $40.00 per additional hour charge is added.
Additions & Remodels
  • Main Floor living space $3.00 per square foot
  • Upper Floor living space $3.00 per square foot
  • Lower Floor living space Free
  • Garage, Decks and Patios Free
  • Minimum charge of $600.00

Finish Basement Plan

  • $500.00

Custom Detached Garages

  • Less than 800 square foot $500.00

  • Over 800 square foot or 2 level garage $800.00

Professional Consulting

  • $50.00 per hour

3D Exterior Views

  • $500.00

Designing a home is a personal process, each individual will follow their own schedule. Time frame of completion depends on the scope of the project. Here is a desription of the process so you will know what to expect.

Step 1. Design Consultation


The first step in designing a home will be a consulation where the owners, contractors, and designer will meet together to go over all important aspects of the design. This meeting may take place at the lot if needed. The design profile form will give a good idea of some of the things that will be discussed at this meeting, but all ideas and questions are welcome at this phase to make sure that the designer will get a complete idea of what is important to the owners. Pictures, sketches, and notes are also great to bring to this meeting.​ Also, or are great places to gather and share ideas with Creative Line.


Step 2. Design Process


The actual process of designing a home is broken up into many small steps. These steps help ensure that all important design elements will be given the time needed to be accurately communicated in the plan. The process starts with the main level, rough drafts and then as many drafts as it takes to get the layout and spacing correct. Once the main floor plan is completed we will move on to designing the upper and lower levels. After the general layouts are completed more detail will be added, such as an electrical and flooring plan. Another important step in the design process is the elevations. Individual ideals for the design of the roofline, window style, and exterior textures will all be addressed. There is no limit to the time or number of drafts that will be extended during this process. There is no price increase for any reason throughout these steps, to ensure that the owner will never be penalized for having an opinion. There are many options and many decisions to be made and we are commited to exploring as many ideas as needed for everyone to feel that the final draft is the best representation of the owner's ideals.

Step 3. Plan Completion


After the owners and designers have agreed that the design is an accurate reflection of the proposed project the plans will be considered complete. All plans are computer generated and upon completion will be electronically forwared to a structural engineer for analysis.  Each plan package includes 6 sets of the designer's plans as well as a PDF copy.  Any and all checklist items from the permitting city/county will be addressed at no additional charge. 

To make it easier to meet all of your needs please fill out this Design Profile and bring it to your first appointment. Thank you!

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